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  How we used HSMM-MESH™
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How we used HSMM-MESH™
Use this area to post web links to your newsletter, after action report, presentation, media coverage or other write up of how HSMM-MESH™ was used. Technical details of your configuration are very helpful.
71 272 Re:Winlink 2000 on my mesh 
by N2NPR
on 2020-07-25- 05:54:11
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Developer's Forum
For those developing firmware and hardware solutions
32 146 Re:source repository 
by kc6vku
on 2019-07-11- 06:16:16
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Basic discussions about anything.
564 2,221 WRT54G firmware 
by W9PCS
on 2020-02-23- 06:10:51
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Discussions about different HSMM-MESH hardware
272 1,137 Re:Proposed low voltage colored tape standard 
by K9UXW
on 2020-08-13- 08:49:40
Here is where you discuss microwave antennas, feedline, etc
28 84 Linksys ERT5X antenna question 
on 2020-02-26- 06:44:51
Linksys End Of Life
This forum is specifically for the end of formal support for the WRT54 router that will be occurring April 30, 2015.
5 20 Re:EOL 
on 2018-04-30- 06:49:44
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Discussions related to HSMM-MESH firmware
173 738 Re:Whoops! OLSR is not running, try again later. on a WRT54GS V1.1 
by m6jgj
on 2019-08-02- 08:01:05
UBNT Firmware
The place to discuss the BBHN Ubiquiti Firmware
73 402 Re:Nanostaion2 Loco won't flash to openwrt 
by w3bhi
on 2020-02-01- 08:19:06
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Discussions on using HSMM-MESH in different applications, using protocols over HSMM-MESH, etc
102 498 mesh ip radio 
by zr5jf
on 2018-08-26- 09:36:22
Specific VoIP discussions can go here
81 411 Re:Hamshack Hotline 
by kb9mwr
on 2018-05-31- 18:17:47
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Dave's favorite forum!
15 58 channel minus 1 susceptibility 
by ke2n
on 2016-07-19- 03:50:08
  Problems & Answers
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Problems & Answers
This is where you should post questions about problems you have encountered, for answers by anyone on the forums, not just the development team.
299 1,205 Re:Ubiquiti Bullet M2 , selected access point and now I can't get back in....Help 
by n6toc
on 2020-09-08- 07:58:14
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For Central Texas
22 31 Re:Activity in Austin, TX? 
by K5HRV
on 2020-08-17- 13:14:39
Plano TX
9 13 Re:Nodes from DFW to I-35W in North Tarrant 
by W8ERW
on 2016-02-10- 12:00:52
SFBay Area
San Francisco area
17 106 New 900mhz mesh network portable transceivers 
by KH2SR
on 2018-01-12- 07:08:03
3 34 Re:Let's build this in the Phila / Southern NJ area 
by kb3rij
on 2020-06-15- 08:51:42
Specific for HSMM-MESH users in Oregon
7 19 Re:Tunneled Mesh in Oregon 
by NB7O
on 2018-11-04- 16:21:45
Atlanta GA area working with HSMM-MESH
7 14 A couple of nodes up in Cumming, GA 
by KW4WL
on 2018-01-09- 04:46:50
Volusia County FL
For those Meshing in Volusia County Florida
9 33 Re:D-RATS Integration 
by Va2skp
on 2018-01-17- 15:44:00
New Mexico Meshers
Geographical forum for People in New Meshico
5 11 Newbie Mesher here up in the Chama, NM area 
on 2019-12-01- 16:30:05
River City Meshers
Henderson KY / Evansville IN group
9 23 Re:HSMM-Mesh Display at Cave City KY Hamfest 
by kc9dre
on 2014-07-20- 04:22:07
For meshers in and around Salt Lake City and the state
13 119 Re:Utah Mesh Node Map 
on 2016-11-21- 08:37:39
High Desert / San Bernardino County, CA
1 31 Re:Re:Welcome, Victorville, Adelanto, Hesperia and SBDO HSMM-MESH Users! 
by W6BI
on 2019-03-20- 14:06:48
Ontario Canada
For all meshers in Ontario.
14 93  
on 2016-02-11- 16:18:32
Eastern New York
Capital Region Area (Albany-Schenectady-Troy NY)
12 46 Re:Introduction and Thanks 
by kc2mha
on 2019-01-13- 13:28:45
Its not the heat, its the microwaves
3 38 New node running but cant pickup nearest node. 
on 2017-10-01- 11:09:00
Rhode Island
12 20 RI mesh meeting 1/14/2017 
by w9gyr
on 2016-12-19- 08:18:55
South FL
Counties of Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Collier, Charoltte and Hendry
4 15 Anyone Interested in a mesh tunnel? 
by kd4wov
on 2017-05-28- 14:38:22
For the 50th state
2 5 Re:Status here in Hawaii 
by K0BAD
on 2018-08-19- 05:08:46
For the SM & OH's meshers
7 26 New Facebook group and FAQ server 
by SM7I
on 2016-02-10- 01:35:43
Questo forum è per meshers in Italia
4 11 Re:IZ5FSA-HOME in tunnel raggiunge... l'America!!! 
on 2015-05-15- 20:34:56
Central Ohio
For Buckeye meshers who are round on the ends and hi in the middle
9 31 Hello 
by kd8snh
on 2015-10-25- 17:37:11
Huntsville AL
For the Hunstville area meshers
3 14  
by N4RT
on 2016-08-31- 03:42:04
Mid-south (MS/TN/AR)
For meshers around the Memphis area.
2 14 AE5RX Nodes 
by AE5RX
on 2015-01-25- 07:31:31
Central VA
Meshing around in Central Virginia
9 18 Covington, Va 
on 2017-09-13- 00:08:22
Big Apple Meshers
6 14 Re:Mesh Tunnels 
by k5dlq
on 2015-07-11- 17:07:02
Kansas City Metro
Kansas & Missouri
1 0 Related links for KC area 
on 2014-09-27- 05:38:48
Maryland Meshers
17 25 Re:Re:Re:meshfest at HacDC 
on 2015-02-23- 05:57:33
Northeast OH
Northeast Ohio area (Cleveland/Lake Erie)
3 4 Re:Ubiquity bullet firmware flash 
on 2014-09-23- 10:16:11
For Los Angeles and Sothern California Meshers
10 42 Re:Doing my part to improve HSMM-Mesh availability in LA 
on 2019-07-03- 19:19:46
For our meshing friends across the pond
4 13 Tunnel 
by M0das
on 2018-05-13- 23:45:36
Denton/North TX
For meshers in North Texas
7 28 Re:Denton Area BBHN Net 
by kd5vxh
on 2018-06-28- 14:48:40
Baton Rouge LA
Meshers in the Baton Rouge area
1 3 Re:Getting started 
on 2016-04-06- 03:10:59
Houston Metro
For Lone Star Meshers near the coast
2 4 Re:Welcome Houston area meshers! 
on 2015-12-27- 14:59:42
East/Central IN
For eastern and Central Indiana
4 10 Re:Problem with WRT54GS V2after successfully loading and setup. 
by K9UXW
on 2020-08-13- 08:30:00
Meshing the Sacramento and Northern CA area.
3 2 Nodes in Northern Elk Grove 
on 2015-07-06- 08:05:42
Eastern TN
Eastern Tennessee meshers
1 12  
by K1KY
on 2018-02-01- 09:27:22
St. Louis MO
Meshers In St Louis
1 10 Re:Hello All 
by kd5utg
on 2018-08-11- 11:56:50
Southeast Michigan
Meshers in SE MI.
1 8 Re:Inquiry about Possible Mesh Neting in Washtenaw County 
by N8HUL
on 2017-12-31- 03:41:30
Dayton-SW Ohio
Meshers in Dayton and SW OH
1 0 Dayton 2m Mesh Net 
by N8JJ
on 2015-04-26- 03:41:25
4 3 Hamnet at SVARA Field Day 2016 
on 2016-06-21- 06:33:39
Mile-High Meshers
6 9 Re:W5HTF Node Observed from Pikes Peak 
by W5HTF
on 2017-06-05- 10:33:22
1 1 Re:Lets get a functional MESH in CT 
by w9gyr
on 2016-11-25- 14:21:40
For Maple Leaf Meshers eh!
3 0 First formal node of the Saskatoon Broadbank-Hamnet up and running 
by VA5LD
on 2016-03-26- 14:07:35
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