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 Subject :Hamshack Hotline.. 2018-03-22- 14:00:09 
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Good evening all my name is Ken KA1EZH located in South Eastern Massachusetts. A few local hams here have started a PBX via VOIP dedicated for the use by and for hams. We are promoting it's use as an addition to Incident Command, ARES/RACES emergency communications.  Why I'm posting here is to see if I can spark some interest to create an alternate back up to our system via a Ham Mesh Network? Anyone with insight and interest in this can email me at:

You can check the Hamshack Hotline web site :

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 Subject :Re:Hamshack Hotline.. 2018-05-31- 18:17:47 
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Interesting. Lacks details though. Any Asterisk/Allstar/App_rpt tie ins? If you are looking for hams with data center connections you might want to check with the 44net/ community. They just set up a bunch of echolink relays at a few different data centers.
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