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 Subject :First formal node of the Saskatoon Broadbank-Hamnet up and running.. 2016-03-26- 14:07:35 
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A beautiful Easter Saturday allowed me to finally get an omnidirectional antenna installed for 2.4 GHz.  This antenna is now connected to a WRT54GL.  This node, VA5LD-01, is the first formal node of the new Saskatoon Broadband-Hamnet.

Planning is now continuing to have other local hams stand up their own nodes -- hopefully, as spring arrives, we will see other nodes appear.  Arrangements are progressing to have nodes on two taller buildings to 'anchor' the mesh as we grow.

Plans are to use Broadband-Hamnet to link the logging computers during our planned 4A field day station hosted by the partnership of the Meewasin Amateur Radio Society ( and the Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club (

73 de VA5LD


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