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 Subject :SSID.. 2013-06-23- 10:12:23 
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Is it possible to use underscore (or even better, text only) instead of hyphen in updated firmware SSID?  The reason I ask is that I'm trying to set up older out of service android devices to become part of the mesh and some of the software I'm attempting to do this with will not accept the hyphen as part of the SSID.  Just think how cool it would be to have low power, battery operated html server/APRS station/web cam/voip phone able to integrate easily into the network...

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 Subject :Re:SSID.. 2013-06-23- 19:22:23 
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My understanding is that the nodes will refuse to issue an IP address to any non-mesh device.
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 Subject :Re:SSID.. 2013-06-24- 03:13:57 
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Right. Need OLSR + some other things to mesh up. Other kids on my step-son's (KF5JDZ) school bus would see the HSMM-MESH on their phone (a friend of mine lives near the high school and he has a node on his tower), connect, and think they got somewhere. When he told them Yes, they connect because its Ad-Hoc, but they wont get anywhere because they dont have the right stuff loaded, they got irritated that he knew something they didnt :-)
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 Subject :Re:SSID.. 2013-06-24- 03:35:47 
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The concern is still potentially valid. 

With Broadband-Hamnet™, we are trying to port the mesh to a larger number of devices.  If the use of a hyphen makes it harder to port to work on a certain platform because one of the pieces of code doesn't like it, maybe it would make sense to drop the hyphen.

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