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 Subject :Changing Domain Name - impact?.. 2012-09-11- 23:50:06 
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Hi All,

Newbie to HSMM-Mesh from Australia (looks like that makes two of us now!). I've managed to flash a WRT54GL (waiting on a 2nd to start a mesh). Was wondering:

1. If there is no security then how is the network secured from unauthorised access? (Australian regs are different (however there are similarities) but it would appear from my reading that FCC Part 97 requirements dictate that Part 15 users can't get into the system).

2. The default domain appears to be  How do we change that (say to for consistency with the nominal naming convention? Would this 'break' anything in the mesh? (keeping the SSID as HSMM-MESH).



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 Subject :Re:Changing Domain Name - impact?.. 2012-09-13- 19:11:18 
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Welcome from the land down under.  I hope you find the mesh as useful as we do.

1. Security at this point is through obscurity.  The olsrd_secure plugin is used for OLSR communications and only those with the proper key can fully participate in the mesh.  Outside of that, it would take specialized knowledge to gain network access, and only a small percentage of the public would have it.  It would be far easier for a local yahoo to get a 2 meter FM radio and cause trouble on the repeaters than it would be to fiddle with the mesh.

2. The domain name problem was as yet unsolved when the firmware was released to the public, and it remains unsolved.  I know it may be annoying to those of you not in Austin, but since is hardcoded into several places in the firmware you can expect the mesh to break if the domain name is changed.  I have some ideas about how to properly handle domains in the absence of centralized administration, but for now and the near future we have to deal with the domain as it exists in the current firmware.


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 Subject :Re:Changing Domain Name - impact?.. 2013-02-10- 02:42:04 
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Until such time as there is a way to support multiple domains, why not change the default in the firmware to just ".mesh"? is annoying not just for being wrong in most places, but for the length...
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