Broadband Hamnet firmware
Release Notes Release Notes for this build. Please read as this document contains detailed information about this release.
patch-3.1.0.tgz 138K Patch an already existing 3.0.0 node up to 3.1.0 without the need to change settings (can be done remotely)
md5sum: d5f4468960d5af4717dc9ded2a10e0e6
bbhn-3.1.0-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx 2.9M upgrade an existing mesh node
md5sum: 5b44e59364c82e5b109ca2a5a97fd619
bbhn-3.1.0-usr5461-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh usr5461
md5sum: eb81f0d1d01b9736276cba0a8ac4f8d4
bbhn-3.1.0-wa840g-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wa840g
md5sum: 0df5c0ab801c0bbf56d2d3a13d50b9bc
bbhn-3.1.0-we800g-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh we800g
md5sum: ed537c278b6305aa4d2a2699f0ce0f50
bbhn-3.1.0-wr850g-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wr850g
md5sum: 0cd816091408a191947f6625de70c795
bbhn-3.1.0-wrt150n-2.4-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wrt150n
md5sum: b5587f6e90fcae0e6b01fa9b26f1fccf
bbhn-3.1.0-wrt300n_v1-2.4-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wrt300n_v1
md5sum: bf2ff3a9072e0864ac9dad25cbbf30f4
bbhn-3.1.0-wrt54g-2.4-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh WRT54G and GL
md5sum: 451b1b6156e27540cd4f561dadabd146
bbhn-3.1.0-wrt54g3g-2.4-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wrt54g3g
md5sum: 2ca80836ee2b53a8148a3662f11d374d
bbhn-3.1.0-wrt54gs-2.4-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wrt54gs
md5sum: 36890182c43fb47fe8ff939b4c57c28a
bbhn-3.1.0-wrt54gs_v4-2.4-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wrt54gs_v4
md5sum: bbce7618509d72bd378c8e64d145fa3b
bbhn-3.1.0-wrtsl54gs-2.4-squashfs.bin 2.9M firmware for a non-mesh wrtsl54gs
md5sum: ab3c684ea1edaac7306b32b9c09069a9
Older Releases
Older Firmware Previous Releases
kamikaze_7.09.tar.bz2 3.5M source code and core development
OpenWrt-ImageBuilder-Linux-i686.tar.bz2 22M build your own OpenWrt firmware images
OpenWrt-SDK-Linux-i686.tar.bz2 35M write your own OpenWrt software
olsrd-0.6.0.tar.bz2 587K olsr source code version 0.6.0
Windows software
winscp382.exe 1.2M scp client
psftp.exe 276K sftp client
putty.exe 412K ssh client
tftp.exe 45K tftp utility
Other useful stuff
HamChat 8507bytes Original HamChat
olsr-topology-view 6.3K host-side perl script to display the mesh topology
  • must be run on a Linux system connected
    to the LAN of a mesh node
  • requires graphviz and ImageMagick
cfe.pdf 363K documentation for the CFE
(Common Firmware Environment)