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Written by David Rivenburg, AD5OO   

firmware wish list

network functionality

  • move the mesh from ipv4 to ipv6
  • duplicate address/name detection
  • indicate signal strength on a per-node basis
  • signal strength logging
  • detect when a WAN connection goes away and discard its default route
    • and bring it back when the WAN connection is restored
  • figure out how DNS will work in separate regions or subnets
  • internet linking of nodes
    • use an IP-IP tunnel or vpn to connect out of range meshes
  • firewall the outbound WAN traffic
    • to prevent access to inappropriate (for Part 97) internet content
  • figure out a way to firewall undesired stations (non-hams/bad hams)


  • find a way to make service advertisements expire more quickly
  • the olsr-topology-view program needs adjustments to make its graphs more useful
  • make night-mode work for the olsrd_httpinfo webpages

setup page

  • add country code for proper wifi channel selection
  • add a timezone setting

mesh status page

  • indicate which nodes are internet gateways
  • filter to display only nodes with services


  • provide a way to set the system time when internet NTP servers are not available
  • figure out a way to generate a firmware image from a node which can be used to make more nodes
    • provide it through a tftp server to eliminate the need for a local computer
  • track down and fix firmware upload corruption with the google chrome browser


  • upgrade to OpenWrt Backfire 10
    • this will add support for the WRT160NL and Ubiquity hardware, as well as several other platforms
    • it will probably fix the "channel 2" problem that some are having
  • add APRS functionality
    • implement with UDP broadcast packets
    • inter-node messaging, both immediate and "data-mule" mode
    • aprsd for passing traffic to aprs servers
    • position reporting
    • weather/other telemetry

1.0.0 released 2013/08/03 (svn revision 271)

A full firmware update is required.  It is incompatible with earlier firmware versions and the changes are too large to be installed as a patch.

  • changed the name to Broadband Hamnet
  • changed the SSID to BroadbandHamnet-v1
  • changed the name of DMZ mode to Direct mode
  • changed the default LAN mode to 5 host Direct
  • allow the advertising of services that the node itself provides
  • updated olsrd to version
  • disabled the olsrd_secure plugin
  • opened port 8080 on the WAN for administrative access
  • removed the ad5oo ssh key
  • eliminated the use of nvram
  • changed the DNS domain to local.mesh

0.4.3 released 2012/06/09 (svn revision 244)

  • fixed bugs with port forwarding from the wan
  • replaced the list of ping hosts for the olsr dynamic default gateway

0.4.2 released 2011/08/21 (svn revision 225)

  • fixed the bug which prevented port forwarding a range of ports
  • added a waterfall display to the signal strength page
  • improved hostname resolution on multi-interface devices
  • status page now displays the number of olsrd restarts and how long it has been since the last restart
  • olsrd watchdog detects more error conditions
  • fixed the "text page of death" on the mesh status page when olsr is not running
  • swapped the columns on the mesh status page
  • make the txtinfo pugin available to the LAN
  • fixed a previous neighbor display bug

0.4.1 released 2011/01/07

  • fixed the average signal strength reading
  • fixed an olsr bug which caused it to crash
  • fixed a DMZ mode configuration bug when the WAN was disabled
  • improved the firewall handling when a DMZ server is used in NAT mode
  • improved the calculation of the Previous Neighbors age
  • do not display local network details to remote nodes

0.4.0 released 2010/10/27

  • fixed a bug that disables the DNS server when DHCP is disabled
  • updated to olsr 0.6.0
    • firmware upgrade required, configuration not compatible with 0.3.3 or older firmware
  • static WAN parameters now possible
  • access point SSID can now be hidden
  • nodes operating in different modes can be daisy-chained (WAN to LAN) w/o needing reconfiguration
  • the hostname "localap" can be used to get to the web interface of a mesh access point
  • added DMZ mode added to eliminate NAT
  • added tooltips to the web interface
  • added the ability to install firmware patches
  • added a mesh status page
  • added service advertising
  • added a help page
  • default gateway can be on the LAN when the WAN is disabled

0.3.3 released 2010/04/28

  • fixed unconfigured node detection
  • added the ability to bridge two meshes on separate RF networks
  • added the ability to set the dhcp address range
  • added more vendors to the wifi scan database
  • added a sysinfo web page to collect data for development and debugging
  • staggered the fcc id beacons so all nodes don't beacon at once
  • the default dynamic gateway (internet sharing) is disabled by default
  • the internal web server was moved to port 8080
  • the internal ssh server was moved to port 2222
  • the olsr pages now display ip address, hostname, and tactical name if available
    • fixed a problem with incorrect hostnames being displayed
  • olsrd will restart if it stops for any reason
    • this is a workaround for an olsr 0.4.10 bug which causes it to die
  • port forwarding enhancements
    • rules can be disabled without deleting them
    • tcp and udp traffic can be separately routed
    • port ranges can be specified
    • a dmz server can be specified

0.3.2 released 2010/02/01

  • fixed telnet access in safe mode
  • fixed ntpclient by switching to
  • fixed the node status link on the olsr pages
  • the olsr pages now show hostnames instead of ip addresses
  • added the ability to upgrade firmware from the internet
  • added the ability to set the tx power level
  • added the ability to select tx and rx antennas
  • added the ability to set the wifi packet timeout by node distance
  • added the default gateway to the status page
  • added authorized ssh key management
  • added a Mesh Access Point mode
  • switch from OpenDNS to Google Public DNS

0.3.1 released 2009/10/10

  • fixed a bug in the ntpclient setup
  • fixed a bug when port forwarding both interfaces
  • fixed a bug in password special character handling
  • fixed a bug on the firmware update reboot page
  • fixed a bug that prevented ssh logins before a password was set
  • fixed a bug in the dhcp configuration
  • accounted for a change in opendns nxdomain replies
  • moved most of the web interface control buttons to the top of the page
  • added the olsr dot draw plugin
  • changed the wireless SSID from ARES-MESH to HSMM-MESH
  • the lan dhcp server can now be disabled in the web interface
  • added instructions to the status page when the node is not configured
  • package management now has access to the online openwrt packages

0.3.0 released 2008/12/09

  • upgraded to OpenWrt kamikaze 7.09
  • unsuccessful trials with olsr 0.5.X, staying with 0.4.10 for now
  • added ipv6 capability in preparation for potential ipv6 conversion
  • added an ifstat script to plainly show which interfaces have ip addresses
  • added more vendor entries to wscan
  • fixed a channel number bug in wscan
  • added a version file /etc/mesh-release
  • added recvudp
  • removed false positive associations from the connect script
  • node status and configuration web pages
  • different network topology to make more efficient use of address space and allow for automatic node addressing
    • ip address based on mac address
      • mac = a:b:c:d:e:f
      • ip = 10.d.e.f
      • eliminates the need for pre-defined node allocations
      • conflicts must be resolved manually
      • this precludes routing between separate meshes
        • ipv6 would fix this, but that's a longer term project
    • lan-side networks are not advertised
    • all lan-side access from the mesh is done through port forwarding
    • a firewall now separates the lan from the wan and wifi interfaces
  • dns based node identification
    • implemented through olsr nameservice plugin
    • node names are callsign-id (ad5oo-mobile1)
    • an additional tactical name is allowed
    • all nodes are dns servers
    • all nodes are known as "localnode" on their lan interface
  • basic ntp client functionality

0.2.0 released 2007/08/25

  • upgraded to OpenWrt kamikaze 7.07
    • ad5oo build 31
  • added configuration profiles
    • ap
    • client
    • router
    • mesh
  • added fcc id beacons to mesh mode
  • added a site survey tool (wscan)
  • added a client association tool (connect)
  • added an nvram reset tool (nvclear)
  • added software packages
    • microperl
    • microcom
    • ntp
    • xinetd
    • tcpdump
    • netcat

0.1.0 released 2006/08/24

  • initial release
  • OpenWrt whiterussian rc5
  • olsr 0.4.10
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