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Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF   

There have been a few people working on doing VoIP telephony over mesh.

Here is a completely portable unit, with the ATA (analog to digital adapter) and its 12VDC to 5VDC switching regulator built into the node enclosure. Then custom-cut cabling (both 4-wire RJ11 telephone cable and the RJ45 network cable), and then its all strapped together using a velcro strap to each other to make a nice handy portable unit. (I know.. it will remind the old timers of the original cell-phone-in-a-bag....)

I know I would never need the WAN jack on this unit (its a bit dedicated now...), so I removed it to have room for the phone line and CAT5 network cable to come out through (I had to fix some bad solder on the left-hand antenna jack anyways). I also soldered the switching regulator's 12VDC input straight to the backside of the node's 12VDC input barrel connector, then spliced on a male barrel to the 5VDC output and plugged that into the ATA. ANOTHER 5 VOLT DEVICE!! Arrrgh....

As the pictures were taken, it was linked and registered to my 3CX server on the other side of the house, using the mesh network here.

Since its midnight, I only grabbed these 2 photos. Maybe in the next couple days, I will open it all back up and take detailed photos of the guts. I just wanted to get this posted quick, and have this built in time for show-n-tell at Austin's Digital Wednesday this week.


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