Add a node to the map!

DO NOT use this form to submit changes to nodes already on the map.
Email Jim ( directly for that.

If you wish to add links between planned or established nodes
already on the map, please use this form

For a quick tutorial on getting the exact coordinates, click HERE.

      Please enter your information as shown:

First Name (ex: Jim):
Your Callsign (ex: K5KTF):
E-mail address:
Latitude in xx.xxxxxx format ONLY
(6 decimal places) :
Longitude in xx.xxxxxx format ONLY
(6 decimal places)
Remember the " - " if you are in the USA :
Node Name (ex: K5KTF-USB ):
If you have more than one node at this
exact site, list them here
Node Name (ex: K5KTF-USB ):
Node Name (ex: K5KTF-USB ):
Node Name (ex: K5KTF-USB ):


Please verify all the information is correct and accurate.

Also please make sure your coordinates are in the required format
--- NOT in XX* XX' XX" ---
They MUST be in XX.XXXXXX decimal format,
with 6 decimal places
(add zeros to the end if shorter than 6)
and dont forget the " - " if you are in the
Western or Southern hemispheres

You can convert to decimal HERE

If you enter multiple nodes, only ONE may show up,
as Googlemap will stack them one atop the others.
This is somewhat unpredictable at the moment.

If you have made a mistake on an entry,
email Jim (at and he will go fix it.

Please only hit SUBMIT once and be patient,
as this may take up to 1 minute to process
(it is generating all new files)